A Little Brief About the Owner

Robert “Bob” White
Owner, Mobility Source

Get to know Robert with this brief on the background of his life, and his expertise and knowledge in the automotive industry including wheelchair vans and mobility equipment.

Robert is a native Floridian and was born at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in March of 1965. His parents moved to Bradenton one year later. That’s where Robert grew up and went to school. At the age of 20, Robert moved back to Sarasota and opened a landscape company that he ran successfully for five years. The call to the automotive industry was too great for him to resist given the fact that his father, his uncles, and his grandfather were all in some form of the automotive repair or mechanical technical industry.

Robert went to work for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and quickly climbed the ladder. From there he went to an independent repair facility and then on to a Dodge dealer. At the Dodge dealer his potential really started to show. Within 6 months he was already certified in several areas. Robert in a very short time became level 4 certified in all 8 of the categories for service and repair that were offered by Chrysler. Robert also became an ASE-certified master technician. After climbing as far as he could with this Dodge dealer —and developing a reputation for quality and the ability to properly diagnose and repair vehicles quickly and right the first time — the offers came knocking. Robert accepted a job at a different Dodge dealer as the Shop Foreman where he continued to grow his reputation. Robert had the oversight of the shop operations and 8 technicians, always maintaining a high level of pride in his work and integrity. This is where Robert met his wonderful wife Debra who is a beacon of love and hope to Robert. Debra has now been in the administrative side of dealership processes for 22 plus years, and Robert is grateful to have her by his side in life and business.  In 2009 when the economy went south, and all the big car manufacturers started failing, Chrysler closed 789 dealerships across the country, the dealership Robert was working for was one of them.

This is when Robert reinvented himself yet again. Having a small one-man mobility store as part of the Dodge dealership Robert was working at. Robert had been working on and repairing Mobility vehicles for 5 years as well as going to Braun factory training on these types of vehicles. Robert had become very familiar with mobility products and their consumers. The gentleman that managed the mobility operations was growing elderly and tired and asked Robert if he would be interested in learning about the sales of mobility vehicles. Robert graciously accepted the offer. Robert, once again, showed his ability to learn, advance, and excel.  In a very short amount of time, Robert showed the owners of the dealership the value of the mobility industry and suggested we open a stand-alone mobility business. Thus, Wheelchair Vans of Florida was born. With the knowledge and backing of the owners, and the dedication and hard work by all, we grew this mobility business into the #1 mobility dealer in the State of Florida. “Unfortunately,” and I don’t know why! All things must change. The owners decided to sell the company to an entity based on the West Coast of the United States. The new owners changed the name and downsized the company closing the location Robert worked at. But that’s not where this story ends.

Robert has opened a New Mobility store where he can put all his years of knowledge and hard work together to serve our disabled community to the best of his ability with love, compassion, & understanding. And continue to add to this wonderful story called life.


Bob White
Mobility Source