Veterans Assistance

Mobility Source Veterans Assistance

At Mobility Source, we salute our nation’s heroes, and are committed to helping you find a mobility solution that best meets your needs. We realize that a big challenge for our disabled veterans is mobility and independence—we want to help you get that freedom back. As a veteran with a disability, you might be entitled to receiving wheelchair van and adaptive equipment benefits from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Mobility Source will help with the customization of wheelchair vans and also the required paperwork and claim forms to expedite the VA grant process making it as easy as possible for veterans.

Call or Visit Mobility Source and we can help you get started on the process of getting your wheelchair van or mobility equipment.

Wheelchair Van Allowance:

Veterans with certain service-connected disabilities may be eligible for a one-time grant up to $20,235.20 toward the purchase of a wheelchair van.

Note: This one-time payment would go to the authorized dealer to be allocated to the purchase of the vehicle.

For Wheelchair Van Vehicle Grants: Complete VA Form 21-4502

Adaptive Equipment Allowance:

Veterans could also be eligible to receive assistance for Adaptive equipment. This may include Wheelchair accessible conversions, Transfer seats, Wheelchair docking system, Hand controls, and left foot accelerators just to name a few. The VA may also provide financial assistance in purchasing adaptive equipment more than once.

For Adaptive Equipment Only: Complete VA Form 10-1394